Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blog "Lite"- Just for Fun

I have talked about my photo files in previous posts.  I keep files of paintings by others that I love by subject matter and I keep photos of all my paintings (even the unsuccessful ones) filed by year.

I haven't mentioned my "Fun Things" file.  It is mostly random funny photos plus a few memes that I have found entertaining.  Recently I noticed that I have acquired quite a few plein air photos with a twist.  Unfortunately I failed to note the artist/photographer in many cases.  I would like to share some of these with you but I apologize to any photographers not credited.  So if this is your photo or you know who posted it on FB please let me know and I will edit this post to include that info.   I do not make money on this blog so this is solely for entertainment purposes.

First two photos of plein air artists who are not afraid of large panels-


                                                       Fred Doloresco

                            Artist unknown, demonstrating that one can't go too horizontal.

And some close encounters of the animal kind-

                                                            Artist unknown

                                                Artist unknown, it's a mama moose.

                                                   Roos Schuring (the Netherlands)

                                           Artist unknown- this looks like a serious critique...

        He's really getting into it!  I suspect this was taken with a zoom lens.
Artist John Hughs, hopefully still living.

And my own visitors on a Colorado ranch, photographer and artist Karen Toppel.

Maybe someday I'll get a photo of a local alligator critiquing my work, with the zoom of course...

Thanks for looking!